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St. Catherine’s SPA

the Best Holistic SPA in Poland

Within these historic walls the time seems to stand still. Our highly skilled therapists – dedicated to the holistic principles of treatment – use only the top quality ingredients according to the secret recipes by St. Catherine. She’s our patron and inspiration. Therefore, all the ladies, mums with children and mums-to-be can find in our offer something answering their needs and expectations. Here’s the key to success for the Krasicki SPA – the sweetest oblivion of them all.

Our SPA conception appears to be giving good fruit! We’ve been awarded with the 1st position in the 8th edition of the SPA Prestige Awards plebiscite as the Best Holistic SPA in Poland.

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SPA at the Krasicki Hotel

relaxation set free and unrestrained

These romantic walls, still remembering the 15th century, silent yet vivid, patient yet full of emotions will bring you peace and quiet. Your aching soul will be joyful again. You’re the apple of our eye. Our SPA rituals are top secret, having their roots deep in the medieval times, somewhere on the pages of an old book – as the legend has it – written by St. Catherine herself.

The book includes descriptions of the ingredients used to bring relaxation and youth. These recipes are a true essence of the Warmia forests, meadows and gardens – like for example the precious resin, cones, herbs and flower petals – that’s only a small part of what this region has to offer.

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SPA in the Krasicki Hotel

Indulge in the luxury of relaxation you truly deserve!

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