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Sep 2021
Sep 2021
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Moraine Hills Route

Moraine Hills Route

The trail is a proposal for those of you who’d like to get to know the southern area of Lidzbark Warmiński. The route is rather easy, leading mainly through asphalt roads (dirt roads constitute barely 16%).

You will find here a charming village called Kochanówka with a grand church and a chapel as well as two lakes. The end of the route leads along the meandering bed of the Symsarna river. The trip goes through moraine hills which makes the excursion even more spectacular, providing the tourists with exceptionally beautiful views.

Lidzbark Warmiński 0,0 km - Łabno 3,5 km - Jarandowo 7,2 km - Kochanówka 12,1 km - Suryty 16,6 km -Blanki 19,8 km - jez. Symsar 23,7 km - Medyny 29,2 km - Lidzbark Warmiński 32,2 km

  • Jarandowo – the old Immaculate Conception of Holy Mary the Virgin church
  • Kochanówka – pseudobasilica, neo-Gothic church of 1918
  • Suryty – a view of the Blanki Lake
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