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Sep 2021
Sep 2021
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Defensive walls and land planning of the city
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Defensive walls and land planning of the city

While driving in the maze of short streets of the Lidzbark City Centre must realize that this is a consequence of the typical medieval streets arrangement.

When looking at the plan, you can see some deviations from the norm. Historians explain it has been forced by the specific topography of the narrowed and falling terrain bend of the Łyna river. The unusual market square position can be clarified by the early development and offset of the defences to the west - towards the river. Lidzbark Warmiński has had fortifications right from the beginning. Originally it was but a little Prussian borough, then one of the typical earthen-excavation castles of the Teutonic Order. The city gained these fortifications in 1308. The line runs along the Hoża Street, then the Kajki, Rej, and Kasprowicz Street. The process was prompt, because the defensive walls had been completed before 1357. They were repeatedly re-built and built anew. Their range has been extended to the west. Their quality has shown repeatedly during the siege repulsing. Today, we can admire a small fragment of the oldest defence walls and quite a big part of the renovated walls.

On request, we also organize guided city tours.

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